Adapt a Bat system Brent


Bat systeem voor op je draaischijf.
Deze set bevat de basisplaat met daarbij 2 bats van 20,32 cm en 2 bats van 25,4 cm.
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Use 8″ and 10″ bats on wheel heads not drilled to accept smaller size bats with our Adapt-a-Bat!

Adapt-a-Bat™ is a set that includes the 14″ Adapt-A-Bat™ plus two 8″ and two 10″ Plasti-Bat®  with pre-drilled bat pin holes.

One Adapt-A-Bat™, together with several 8″ or 10″ Plasti-Bats is the perfect solution for high volume production or classroom instruction when smaller objects are being thrown and several students are sharing the wheels.

Adapt-A-Bats are constructed from specially formulated, 1/4″ thick tough plastic for strength and long life. They won’t swell or shrink, are easy to clean and are impervious to water and most chemicals.

We recommend storing Adapt-A-Bat™ plastic bats in a slotted rack such as the brent BatMobile or stacked on a FLAT surface to prevent warping. When stacking Adapt-A-Bat™ plastic bats, be sure they are clean prior to stacking. Even the slightest obstruction can cause the bats to warp.