MBG070 Pam’s Blue – Coyote


MBG070 Pam’s Blue – 473ml
Mottled Serie
Steengoed/ stoneware
fire at cone 5/6
stooktemperatuur 1180 – 1220 graden

Op voorraad

Een gevlekte grijsblauwe. Zorgt voor dezelfde oppervlaktevariatie als Pam’s Green, maar dan met een minder intense kleur.

De Mottled Serie is ontworpen om met gemak mooie bonte kleuren te produceren. Eenvoudig aan te brengen en geschikt voor alle soorten artikelen, deze kleuren zijn prachtig op zichzelf of in combinatie met andere glazuren. Ze kunnen dik in de pot verschijnen en moeten dik worden aangebracht.

A mottled greyish blue. Provides the same surface variety as Pam’s Green, but with a less intense color.

The Mottled Series are designed to produce beautiful variegated colors with ease. Simple to apply and suitable for all types of ware, these colors are stunning on their own or combined with other glazes.  They may appear thick in the jar and should be applied thick.


Every kiln and firing is different. It is best to use witness cones in every firing.

Coyote glazes are designed to be fired between witness cone 5 and witness cone 6.

Cone readings are a combintation of time and temperature, and do not correspond directly to any specific temp in degrees. Most digitally controlled kilns have a pre-programmed cone fire setting that will allow you to reach the proper temperature with minimal fussing (we use a cone 5, fast, with 30 minute hold.) For manual (sitter) kilns we recommend using a 6 cone.

Thermocouples and other electronic measuring devices are prone to error and degrade over time. The only way to be certain that your kiln is firing to the right temperature is to use witness cones every time you fire your kiln.
The tip of your self supporting cone 5 should be at least even with the base, and the tip of the cone 6 should not touch the shelf.

Test all foodware to determine food safety.