Snijdraad Curly Rood Mudtools


Snijdraad gekruld rood
15 “/ 38 cm

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Deze snijdraad van Mudtools zorgt tijdens het snijden voor mooie patronen in de klei. Voor verschillende doeleinde te gebruiken. Je kunt de snijdraad uittrekken totdat je het gewenste patroon krijgt.

When Michael Sherrill was just a wee pup of a potter he watched in awe as someone used the spring from a ball point pen as a pottery tool. Fast forward to Michael designing tools for potters and you have the Curly Pink Mudwire. It’s more than just a cut-off tool – when you pull it through the clay it leaves a beautiful pattern. Use it for faceting and you get a surface that looks beautiful on wood-fired or salt-fired pots and under glazes that break (like celadon or temeku). The handle is made with a durable polymer and is shaped to give you a good grip without having to wrap the wire around your fingers. The stainless steel curly wire comes to you compressed and you pull it out to get the curl that suits you.

(extends up to a max total length of approximatly 15″)