F 8″ Diamond Grinding Disc on 12″ Bat Diamondcoretools


Diamond grinding disc
Met deze plastic bat met daarop een diamond pad van 8 inch. Hiermee kun je draaiend de onderkanten van je werk mooi glad schuren.

Diamond core tools
leverbaar in 60 grof, 120 medium of 240 fijne korrel

8 ” dia. Diamond Grinding Discs  “POTSAVERS”
    Adhesive-backed metal plate with diamonds fused on
    Diamond grit has a 7000 hardness rating
    (silicon carbide abrasive is only rated at 2400 hardness)
     1.5 lbs weight
    60 grit – coarse – heavy glaze or high-fired clay removal
    120 grit –  general – leveling a pot or grinding
    240 grit –  fine  -smoothing
    • Permanently attached to a bat for pottery wheel use
    • Remove high-fired glaze drips or high-fired ceramic
    • Leveling a warped pot
    • Grinding tile, stone or glass
    • Leveling kiln shelf posts and furniture
    • Grind chipped pot
     • Premounted on a rigid plastic bat
     • 9″ and 10″ bat pin spacing
     • Long lifespan if used properly with water
     • Dust is controlled with water use
     • Much longer lasting than silicon carbide
     • Multiple grit sizes available
     • Faster than silicon carbide
     • Faster than sandpaper
     • Better results
     • Far less fatigue than other sanding methods
    • Use all appropriate safety precautions
    • Always use safety goggles
    • Make certain debris does not get into moist, usable clay
    • Carefully clean splash pans to remove all sharp debris
    • Always use with water to maximize tool life & control dust
    • Do not attempt to force grinding
    • Take care to avoid skin removal
    • Keep out of the reach of children
*Technique Note: Always use water, high speed  and gentle pressure…. “Let the diamonds do the work.”    (overheating the tool will greatly decrease tool lifespan)