G35 Chicken 24K Gold | Gold Overglaze ELAN


Chicken – Kippen
Water slide overglaze 24K goud decals voor gebruik op glazuur gestookt aardewerk.

De elan gold transfersheets zijn groter dan die van sanbao.
Afmeting vel waarop de afbeeldingen staan is 23,5cm x 16,5cm




Op voorraad

Water slide overglaze 24K gold decals for use on glaze fired pottery. We use the highest quality German gold for our decals which will result in the brightest and purest gold designs on the market.Fire to 018/019

  • Usable area of 9.4″ tall x 6.5″ wide. (that’s only .36 cents per square inch)
  • Food safe and lead free.
  • Dishwasher and oven safe although hand-washing will prolong life.
  • Gold decals and luster are not microwave safe.
  • If using in combination with our full color overglaze decals, you will want to fire the colored overglaze decals on first to cone 012 and then apply the gold decals in a subsequent firing to 018/019.

24K Gold Overglaze Decal Application Instructions

Our 24K Gold water slide overglaze decals are food safe and lead free. They should be applied after your ceramic piece has been glaze fired. If you intend to use our full color overglaze decals, they should be fired on first and then apply the 24K gold decals in a subsequent firing.

Materials Needed

• Elan 24K Decal Sheet
•Glazed ceramic piece to apply decal to
• Bowl of warm water
• Plastic rib tool (I use the yellow Y3 mud tools rib) or a roller also works
• Sharp scissors
•Rubbing alcohol
• Lint free cloth
• Kiln ☺

1. Begin with using your lint free cloth and clean the area of the piece you are applying decals to with the rubbing alcohol to make sure all the oils from your skin and dust is off the surface.

2. Cut out the decal you want to use with scissors.

3. Place the decal in a bowl of warm water and wait about 30 seconds or until you are able to gently slide the decal from the paper backing.

4. Slide the decal off the paper backing onto your ceramic piece making sure you leave the decal face up.

5. Hold your decal in place and starting in the center use your rib or roller to press the decal onto the ceramic piece like you would a sticker on a car window. You want to be sure to start in the center and fan outwards to get all the bubbles out. Try to fan from the inside out over the edge so you don’t accidently pick up or rip the decal.

6. Carefully dry your decal with a new lint free cloth, again working from the center and working out. Allow the decal to dry overnight or at minimum until no moisture is left (about 6 hours).

7. Fire your piece to cone 018 / 019 on slow if you are using a manual or kiln sitter kiln please fire to cone 019 and use a slow increase (150 degrees / hour) until the kiln reaches 750 degrees F and then fire on a medium setting until cone 019.