Houten lomer MKM Tools W11


MKM lomer hout W11
Deze lomer is zeer geschikt voor het compressen van kleiwanden, weghalen van slip en het werken met plakken.
afmetling: 6.25″ X 2″ / 15.88cm X 5.08cm

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The ribs have a variety of curves, and relatively sharp edges that are straight.
• The edges are sanded by hand and should not contain any dings.
• MKM feels it is important for each rib to offer a distinct curve, separate from most of the other ribs. That being said, ribs with the same number but distinguished by being labelled a, b, or c, are ribs with exactly the same shape and curve, and differing only in size.
• Each rib is finished with an oil and wax mixture that is deeply applied to the rib to make it more durable in water. However, these ribs are made of wood, and should be removed from water when not in use.
• MKM Pottery Tools stands behind its ribs. If they fail, we will replace them.