UG-198 Dark Grey


59 nl
1000 – 1300 graden
kan op leerharde en gebakken klei

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Underglazes was the first product line our company produced in 1954 and continue to be a staple for many ceramic artists. Mayco Underglazes are highly versatile – use for complete coverage or in design, apply to clay or bisque, fires from cone 04 to cone 10. Serves equally well the student making their first pinch pot and the clay artist creating works for a gallery.

Apply to green-ware or shelf cone 04 bisque. For best results, apply color in a flowing motion, keeping brush adequately loaded with glaze. Allow first coat to dry. Apply second coat at a right angle to first coat (cross hatching). If desired, apply third coat at right angle to second coat. If applied to green-ware, fire to shelf cone 04. If desired, apply clear glaze and re-fire to shelf cone 06/05. If applied to bisque, clear glaze can be applied directly to the unfired Underglaze and then fired to shelf cone 06/05.