MBG001 Almost Teal – Coyote


MBG001 Almost |Teal – 473ml
Gloss Serie
Steengoed/ stoneware
fire at cone 5/6
stooktemperatuur 1180 – 1220 graden

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Een diep blauw met een glad, glanzend oppervlak. Even gemakkelijk als mooi, is Almost Teal een van de meest populaire uitgangspunten voor glazuurcombinaties. Zeer geschikt voor zowel beginners als gevorderde pottenbakkers.

Coyote Gloss Glazes bieden felle, heldere, effen kleuren voor uw gebruiksvoorwerp. Duurzaam en niet lopend, deze glazuren zijn geschikt voor zowel decoratieve als praktische gebruiksvoorwerpen. Ze zijn goed te combineren met andere Coyote glazuren, in het bijzonder de Archie’s en Shino series.

A deep blue with a smooth, glossy surface. As easy to use as it is beautiful, Almost Teal is one of the most popular starting points for glaze combinations. Great for beginners and advanced potters alike.

Coyote Gloss Glazes provide bold, bright, solid colors for your ware. Durable and not runny, these glazes are equally suited to both decorative and practical ware.  They combine great with other Coyote glazes, especially the Archie’s and Shino series.


Every kiln and firing is different. It is best to use witness cones in every firing.

Coyote glazes are designed to be fired between witness cone 5 and witness cone 6.

Cone readings are a combintation of time and temperature, and do not correspond directly to any specific temp in degrees. Most digitally controlled kilns have a pre-programmed cone fire setting that will allow you to reach the proper temperature with minimal fussing (we use a cone 5, fast, with 30 minute hold.) For manual (sitter) kilns we recommend using a 6 cone.

Thermocouples and other electronic measuring devices are prone to error and degrade over time. The only way to be certain that your kiln is firing to the right temperature is to use witness cones every time you fire your kiln.
The tip of your self supporting cone 5 should be at least even with the base, and the tip of the cone 6 should not touch the shelf.