MBG047 Green Matt – Coyote


MBG047 Green Matt
Matt serie
Steengoed/ stoneware
fire at cone 5/6
stooktemperatuur 1180 – 1220 graden


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Een van de meest populaire glazuren uit de Matt-serie, Green Matt, heeft een mooi gevarieerd oppervlak dat breekt van groen naar zwart.

Onze Matt-glazuren zijn een favoriete serie voor beeldhouwers overal. Ze zorgen voor een sterke kleurtint en een mooie afwisseling zonder een glanzende afwerking. Ze zijn zeer stabiel en betrouwbaar, lopen of gedragen zich bijna nooit onverwacht.

One of the most popular glazes in the Matt Series, Green Matt has a nicely variegated surface that breaks from green to black.

Our Matt glazes are a favorite series for sculptors everywhere. They provide a strong color tone and nice variety without a glossy finish. They are very stable and reliable, almost never running or behaving unexpectedly

Every kiln and firing is different. It is best to use witness cones in every firing.

Coyote glazes are designed to be fired between witness cone 5 and witness cone 6.

Cone readings are a combintation of time and temperature, and do not correspond directly to any specific temp in degrees. Most digitally controlled kilns have a pre-programmed cone fire setting that will allow you to reach the proper temperature with minimal fussing (we use a cone 5, fast, with 30 minute hold.) For manual (sitter) kilns we recommend using a 6 cone.

Thermocouples and other electronic measuring devices are prone to error and degrade over time. The only way to be certain that your kiln is firing to the right temperature is to use witness cones every time you fire your kiln.
The tip of your self supporting cone 5 should be at least even with the base, and the tip of the cone 6 should not touch the shelf.

Not recommended for use on foodware.